Ms. Emmalee Garvin, M.Ed
Agricultural Educator
"A teacher by choice and not by chance"

I have a passion for agriculture and education, having been involved in agricultural education and the National FFA Organization as a high school and college student. I credit my participation in the organization for helping me find a sense of belonging and for helping me discover a career that I was passionate about.  I firmly believe that agriculture education and FFA can have a positive impact on all students, no matter what career they choose to pursue. 

Through my time as a teacher I have developed a love for leadership, event planning, website and social media management. I have served as the Vice President and President for the New Hampshire Association of Agricultural Educators, served on the Granite State FFA Advisory Council, and helped plan and execute a regional summer conference for the New England Agriculture Teachers. I also manage the websites for all three organizations. 

Experienced Educator License 

Issued By: New Hampshire Board of Education

Endorsement: Agriculture 

EEL Certificate